Grnata Clearance

Grnata Clearance

Grnata group had been established since 1982. It had been improving since then to meet the ambition for development in the property market. Why not, since it had been established on robust infrastructure, capable to face the challenges and the impact of real estate boom which the Kingdom of Bahrain is experiencing. Also that facilitated the application of modern methods and effective practices in the real estate market in the local, regional and international level.

Grnata Group according to the observers of real estate market opinion is well established gained the confidence of the pioneers who were dealing with real estate market. That did not happen by chance, but through its continues progress in the real estate world and through its convoy to the economic changes also its capability to encompass the investment on solid, economic basis.

The most important principle that Grnata group adopts, is to work according to the mechanism of open market with commitment to quality, efficiency and responsibility towards the society to achieve the construction objectives.

What distinguishes Grnata is its experienced, qualified human resource that put the policies and defined the objectives. Then, empowered these objectives with clear vision which resulted as unique services, exclusive projects and well planned for objectives that Grnata group provides in the real estate market.

Grnata Clearance

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